Woven Polyethylene (HDPE) inner black fibers, warp x weft, laminated on both sides with LDPE coating.

Every economy tarpaulin is made up of tough low-density Polyethylene and then laminated on both sides with the polyethene of high density. It is waterproof and lightweight which makes it easy to handle. UV protection is one of its main features. It is also shrinking and rot-proof. They are flexible even at very low temperatures. Aluminium eyelets are used at the edges of tarpaulins spaced after every meter.

They are used in following

  • Well known as waterproof covers

  • They are even used for ventilation purposes

  • For storing wood logs by covering them

  • These economy tarpaulins provide maximum protection with a maximum life outdoor

  • Use for agricultural use. Domestically and for the gardeners

  • Used in building trades and as a multipurpose light cover.

  • Can be used as cricket pitch covers and party canopies

  • Also used in Camping, Hunting, Fishing and army Camouflage.

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